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Thread: Eli Begins his exploration of the Coast near McGraw Expedition Harbor

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    Eli looked at the brochure quickly before handing it over to Captain Pren. He realized it had been printed by the Chooru Ministry of Tourism. It omitted all the news about the Demons and Ancient Evils returning during the border wars, anything about Ancient Evils in fact. There was no reference to Warmonger in it at all. It didn't discuss any Children of the Falosini history.

    Captain Pren quickly read it and said, "When I crash landed, the Warmonger was another name for the K'ias Emperor Mar'un'ga. Has he ruled the stars all these Aeons?"

    Of course that wasn't true but there was at least 10,000 years unaccounted for, and Eli didn't even bring up the recent rise of a new undead Sylvan Empress and the scism between the Sylvan Empress and her WarLeochs.

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    Lurtor says "Well the good news on the Warmonger is that he has been Annihilated and all demons and ancient evils have been banished from this timeline.

    As for the sylvans, I know some but not all. When we arrived here, I requested more detail from Auf Lalder of Herd of Auf La'al. He knows more about the Sylvan's than most, but there are some details he would not share without being in person. So you may need to go and find more answers.

    First I'll start with the current state and go backward in time. The current state of things is not good for the Sylvans. The undead are split and the living are cursed. Auf Lalder tells of a tragic story.

    Recently Warleoch Iessa Iuhari, who was revived from a crashed ship that laid dormant for thousands of years, has delcared herself Empress Iessa and brought the Sylvans both living and dead out of hiding. This action split the Warleoch Council and the sylvan undead. This split revolves around an ancient weapon and its use. Those undead who existed during that time agreeing never to use the weapon again.

    Empress Ieessa was not involved in that as she was not... alive... existing... during this time. Her ship had crashed killing her after the sylvans were cursed, and before this decision was reached.

    Many sylvan undead have left and are currently staying on Refuge. One of these is Warleoch Calphas who leads this group. I'm not sure to how much of separation is between these groups as I have not been involved.

    To know what next to explain, Do you know of the curse on the Living Sylvans? The Siurcut'n Keyaba."

    Lalder told him to look for recognition or confusion.

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    It seemed Captain Pren knew very little of the events surrounding the Curse of the Sylvan, but his eyes lit up when Lurtor mentioned Captain Iessa.

    "Warleoch Iessa was a famed captain when I was still a living Sylvan. She was killed in action by the rogue Nightmare Lord Da'kot'ha before the K'ias Wars were even fully underway.

    I mean that I served as a living Sylvan citizen of the Empire for an age after she disappeared, but before I passed away and became a Warleoch in defense of the Empire."

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    "Iessa was MIA for my entire service in the K'ias Wars? I know she was on a secret mission before she was reported killed in action.

    But all is not lost if Calphas, loyal to the Old Empress, still takes action.

    Tell me more of this curse? Who cursed my people...and why? Was it the Yyan Gor? I knew the Citadel you found me in was their last Capital, but I never expected the Yyan Gor to ever really challenge the Sylvan.

    Was it the Nightmare Lords? Did they break the peace and betray us?

    Or was it the slaving Krato? I know they wanted vengeance on our kind and would do anything to get it."

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    There was EMP blast on the edge of the hill and who comes strolling over the snowy hill but Ryuk, most talked about Kasanthian in the news, and Buffy, Eli's much wanted wife.

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    Eli McGraw was confused and concerned. "Buffy, what's going on? You usually bring uhm... P.O.I. back unconscious. Though I have to say I'm impressed. Wow, I was kinda just guessing when I made that statement to that reporter."

    "Like, what?" Buffy asked as she shifted her weight.

    "You know."

    "I, Eli I don't."

    "Oh boy. Let me get you up to speed."

    Eli told Buffy about Yildor little speech and his latest adventures.

    Buffy was little pissed as she explained what happen to her.

    "Well there then. Ryuk? I thought you be taller. This is Lurtor, spymaster or something and this Captain Pren who has been *air quote* asleep *end air quote* for thousands of years. Lurtor and Pren, this is Buffy my wife. I'm going to get some drinks. Wait. No. I'm, going to get lots of drinks," Eli corrected himself as left for a bit.

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    Buffy spoke "Lurtor, Pren? Good to meet you."

    She then turn to Ryuk " Oh! Was this your first rodeo? Did not think to search Yildor for bugs? Thanks. Not only do I have him and the 99ers after me, now I totally have his followers who want to vote for him gunning for me!"

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    Didn't matter to me, I recorded the whole thing too. To many time I've had eef and vlad use me as a scrapgoat.

    OOC: still recoreding to unity

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    Adressing everyone else, Ryuk says

    Hi Lurtor, you won't find me as benvolent if you try to kidnap and torture me this time. I'm a busy man and don't have time to deal with it.

    Captian Pren, Im certain there should be a plesantry here, but I'm in a bit of a hurry.

    If people can let me know what they want, i can deal with it and be on my way.

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    Lurtor found those statements from Ryuk ironic. Both Lurtor and Eli knew that Ryuk had wiped out a solar system and committed many many other crimes.

    They also knew that Ryuk was lying about being set up by the EEF. The EEF has never used Ryuk as a scapegoat,in fact both Lurtor and Wli would have seen a huge verified "rap sheet" of crimes committed by Ryuk AGAINST VLAD agency orders.

    They even had records showing that on his first VLAD mission Ryuk actually attacked the very Ambassadors the EEF and VLAD had brought him onboard to protect.

    Lurtor and Eli would not trust Ryuk at all, doubly so as he is a Kasanthian agent wanted for interfering in the Colony General Election.

    Both Eli and Lurtor are surprised such a known villian "who is on the run" would be so verbally abrasive with them after arriving in their region.

    Both Eli and Lurtor know that Ryuk does not understand the gravity of what he has done from interfering with the CG elections.

    Ryuk however should quickly start realizing he committed a huge crime in threatening a CG candidate and despite his own desire to get "get his way" he is ON THE RUN.

    [If he does not gain allies in this thread he will not be able to do so for the rest of DR2220 due Ryuks crimes and knowledge of those crimes spread. News about the murder of the Dauhnb queen will not be known until the event posts. This is Ryuks last thread to get player allies. Use it wisely Ryuk. If you play the pride and the BLAME GAME instead of taking responsibility in a way that is meaningful to the characters around Ryuk, you will rightfully lose the last chance for Ryuk]

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