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Thread: Eli Begins his exploration of the Coast near McGraw Expedition Harbor

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    Captain Pren said, "Who is this K'iorn that ignores the respect and greeting of the Peace of Falos? His clothing tells me he is no member of a wartribe. What tribe birthed you, rude Kiorn?"

    [Ryuk for future notes. the Children of the Falosini have great respect for the Sylvan WarLeochs. One shows courtesy and graciousness in front of a Sylvan Captain. Now Ryuk so far shows Nobody any respect when it comes to doing and learning proper greetings. And that is how the character has been roleplayed. But there are consequences for trying ro rush a greeting with someone important when first one should give a respectful greeting. ]

    Pren muttered, "The Sovereign lords of the Falosini must know that their children have forgotten the basics of our culture and our system of Respect."

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    Lurtor stood up from his seat, and with his one free hand put on his cloak that seemed to absorb him a little. While standing and putting on his cloak, he brush his hand against a pocket to activate his own private comm crystal to allow Jemison Post to monitor their conversation.

    Since there were there relaxing, Lurtor was not in an alternate form.

    Now that Lurtor was standing, he was almost 7ft tall, muscular wearing a large black cloak and a black uniform that seems to stretch against the largest muscles. On the areas of his body not covered by clothing or shadows, his fur is green with lines of Shadow crossing his skin/fur with small fleshworms going in and out. In his right hand is a long Metal looking staff with unknown inscriptions on it. On both ends of the staff are what loook like claws. Lurtor's expression was stern as the interruption and conversation were not off to a good start.

    After standing, Lurtor nodded to Buffy in acknowledgement but did not speak as he didn't want to interrupt Pren.

    Lurtor stood there quietly holding his staff looking a Ryuk with all his senses and thought"
    If Ryuk attacked them, those looking for Ryuk could be notified of his location. Anyone who destroyed a solar system had to be taken seriously from the start. A Jemison Post, Ft Lendil, EEF, or all 3 strike teams could be here quickly if needed. As long as Ryuk stayed.... friendly.... well he was already unfriendly, but at least not violent Lurtor would let the conversation go to see if this could be resolved without violence.

    In the End, Lurtor would have to decide what to do. Whether to turn him in, capture him, or talk Ryuk down. Kidnapping and trying to kill a Possible Future Colony General is a serious crime and he did not want to get on the wrong side of the colonies.

    What to do.....???"

    (OOC Lurtor is sensing for possession, mind control, larva, and Leyas Sight)
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    [This conversation is the last conversation before the events of Charity event 6: The Inevitabled Descention of Leftenant Ryuk. At this point in time he is not yet a Primal Descended and Primal Evils are not yet known.]

    Lurtor could tell that Ryuk had a modified Unity Uplink.

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