The HydraKraken is now available.

It holds 600 soldiers onboard and a command crew of 20. It requires one captain to commune with the nightmare through a port and has an F.S. of 5. For certain tasks, a character may substitute Pilot (Sub), Pilot (Ship) or another applicable skill in vehicle to vehicle combat.

The HydraKraken's Stats are as follows.

H.P. 100

V.A.R. Nightmare Scales
50 vs Melee
50 vs Missile
50 vs Energy

Takes Double damage from Light, Laser, and Light Leyas attacks. Counts as a Giant Monster for Giantkiller weapons and attacks limited to giants.

Move is 10 water, 1 on land


Tentacles These do 30 Melee dmg, and Lower V.A.R. and S.A.R. by 20, Bludgeoning
Special: Grab and Drag: This Squid monster can grab most naval vessels (Narrator discretion) and drag them under the waves to drown their crew. They cannot make any other tentacle attacks if they go the Grab and Drag attack. But they can make additional beak attacks to to pierce the ship held by the grab and drag, and they can use the ship to shield them from torpedoes and other undersea attacks (use as a parry during dodge phases once a grab and drag has been initiated). Any ship captured in a grab and drag can only miss the HydraKraken on a roll of 1, or a draw of 2.

Beak This does 50 Melee dmg, Lowers V.A.R. by 50 pts. Can only target objects close to its mouth. It can cut a hole and hold out water, allowing troops to stream into a captured vessel.

The HydraKraken will regenerate 10 H.P. and 5. V.A.R. every combat round. If a Tentacle is cut off, or the hydrakraken split in half by an attack, the sections will grow additional HydraKrakens that then must be tamed and have a nightmare slave collar attached to them. Only the original HydraKraken is loyal to Ryuk by birth. The rest are wild Kuliek-Nightmares (like the Knights of Orloc), until enslaved by nightmare collars. There is a specific port that the captain places his or her hand in that must be wrapped by the nightmare collar. If not, the captain's hand might be eaten right off.